The production William Collins Survival Knife (WCSK) was developed to be the one tool to help keep you alive in any environment.

The knife was designed around these four piller's: 

1. Woodlands, to provide cutlery needs for hunting, camp carving, and even light hatchet requirements.

2. Combat, with the reinforced piercing tip and thick 3/16" blade it will serve the combat soldier well in combat as well as other cutting task.

3. Survival, in any environment including urban the 3/16" O1 tool steel is strong enough for shelter building, prying out grubs from rotting timber and even busting through cinder blocks.

4. Kitchen, blade shape is ideal for camp kitchen prep of game, chopping vegetables and even pealing potatoes.

Below is the introduction video in a play list of many other videos on the design and the development of this knife.

Bottom of the page has a video from Stitched Gear Outfitters for a leather sheath system designed for the WCSK.

Below is the American Survival Guide magazine December 2019 issue. This issue features an eight page spread on the WCSK. pictures and article written by Mike Travis of Blue Mountain Bushcraft

Article below in the Survivor’s Edge magazine Summer 2019 issue.

written by: Michael Travis

Featured in American Survival Guide magazine December 2018 Bugout issue.

written and photographed by Mike Travis

Blue Mountain Bushcraft


A few Customer Comments:

“Impressions after camping trip. When i first got it i really loved the look and and feel of it in my hand. Once I got to camp it was little awkward to me at first since I'm so use to just regular straight edge blades... So i alternated in between the wcsk and my favorite topps knife. About the same length weight and all. All except the edge of course. My loved brakimo was falling short in so many ways next to the wcsk in ways i use to think it excelled. To the point where it was no longer as easy to use as the wcsk. Everything I put your knife through it came out excelling. I have dedicated kitchen knives and brush knives that i can't really do both with like I could the wcsk. I gutted trout, it did well (didn't fillet though cause I cook them whole). Cubed some deer tenderloin, it sliced right through it like butter. I used it for everything from opening my dehydrated packages to making fires to slicing potatoes. Great design the way this knife shaves and splits wood and the fact I can still use it in my food prep without having to switch blades is perfect.. Im sure I'll still take my favorite mora classic with me on trips as my neck knife but just knowing I can get by with just the wcsk if need be is a big win... Only alterations i made for my personal preference was took the clip off the sheath(i like it, it just pushed into my thigh and gut while squatting) and added a leather band in its place(like I've seen in some of your videos) .. I also cut about a 1/4 of the width off the sheath to just before the eyelets . That Just made it more comfortable for my big gut and the way i squat and bend..
The deer meat and polish sausage both left a little surface rust on the blade in a matter of minutes while I was cooking. So i forced a vinegar patina on it which took care of that and also added a worn look that we all love on our knives... Still getting use to all the hips and valleys of the edge but so far I'm very pleased and impressed with its performance aaaaand the quality, you did a great job on it. The handle feels like it was made for me. Even my buddy grabbed it and the first thing he said was it feels so good in my hand. I could go on and on but it's definitely getting used everyday right now around the house and will continue throughout my next camping trips figuring out all the uses for it.. Thanks I'm loving this knife. I just hope i can keep it as razor sharp as you sent it to me cause you have it amazingly sharp!



I bought the WCSK and am so impressed with the quality and workmanship. Not many things you buy nowadays that exceed your expectations but this qualifies. I can't wait to order the WCNK,”

John G.


“Mail Call!!!!! WCSK!! Awesome Job…”

Steven L.


“I have collected knives for 40 years and after getting my WCSK I'm now letting all my other knives go, in MY opinion it's the perfect go to knife for all my needs."

‘Steven S.


“I’m hear to to tell everyone your knives are worth the wait I received my WCSK 028 last week and absolutely think it’s great.”

Mike W.


"I received my WCSK last week. I played around with it a little bit, and I have to say I love this knife! Superior craftsmanship - the ergonomics of the handle, and balance of this knife makes it feel like it is a natural part of my hand. I can't wait to put it through more rigorous paces. Definitely worth the wait... Thanks William!"

Rex K.

“Good Evening Mr. Collins,

I just got back from SERE on Saturday. Your knife was the envy of my group. It handled all I could throw at it and more. Even turned out to be a decent spade. Not a knick on it and as sharp as ever. Thank you for the awesome product!”

Andrew M. 

You Tube Playlist of the WCSK design development, testing and reviews.

William Collins Survival Knife (WCSK)

Please allow 90 to 120 calendar days for fabrication after purchase. Any deviations from specifications offered in this listing is a custom build. Currently custom order books are closed until further notice.

Serial number will be issued with payment confirmation.

Steel: 3/16" O1 tool steel or 3/16” AEB-L stainless steel

Handle Material: unpolished OD green canvas micarta with 8 each 1/8" brass pins.

Blade: 5-5/8" +/- 1/8"

Overall: 10-3/4" +/- 1/8"

Kydex sheaths can be added to cart before checkout from this webpage link.

Custom leather sheaths purchased separately from Stitched Gear Outfitters

This video link will provide additional information on the knife design and comparisons between O1 tool steel and the AEB-L option. Video Link


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