WC Knives is a one man custom knife shop located in east Texas. I specialize in custom build knives to customer needs for outdoor use as well as designing and developing multi grind knives around a given need or situation, such as the woodsman needs or survival needs. My signature series of the Master Woodsman and WCSK series is a sample of my designs. I have developed these designs through 40 plus years of cutlery use in the field as a hunter, camper and general outdoorsman. These designs have been thoroughly vetted by me and carefully selected trusted members of the outdoor community before releasing to the public. Each knife design is tested for durability, ease of sharpening in the field and functionality for its intended uses. I take the motto "Knives Made To Work" very seriously. These designs may not be the most eye pleasing designs but I prefer function over eye appeal. Put very simply THEY WORK!!

Appreciate you stopping by and interest in WC Knives.

Canoe Buck.jpg