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This is a short explanation about WC Knives and perhaps my unique perspective and method for cutlery design, development and function. I specialize in designing and developing knives around a given need or situation such as the woodsman, bushcrafter, hunter, camper, or survivalist. My signature William Collins Survival Knife (WCSK) and Woodsman Grind series models (Master Woodsman, Jr Woodsman, Saner Scout…) are examples of my designs.

After 40 plus years of cutlery use in the field as a hunter, camper and general outdoorsman I have learned that I use different sections of the blade for different task. Keeping this experience in mind my goal is to not reinvent the wheel but to improve a knifes function and versatility by applying the best steel, balance, edge angle, blade thickness and/or edge apex thickness, curves and straight areas in different sections of the blade to perform better in more situations and task. For a knife to perform at its optimum I have found that a 11.5 degree bevel on either side of the blade is the best slicing edge and best over all performer. Most knives on the market today use a 22 degree edge. This finer edge on my knife designs requires a very precise and well tested heat treat process. I have discovered that many of the industry formulas for heat treat is not the best process. After hours and hours in the shop and buckets of discarded steel I have developed my own process that is proven to be a better knife. Therefore all heat and cryo treating is done by me in house for the best quality control.

I also developed a handle size and shape to give the user more control and more grip positions for a more secure and comfortable experience with extended use. Nothing is worse for me than to try and use a knife that does not perform well at its intended task, has a slippery handle, or heaven forbid a handle that is to small. The safest knife is the knife you can grip and control.

Due to my unusual approach to knife design, finer edges and out of the norm heat treat methods, my designs have been, and will continue to be thoroughly vetted before releasing to the public. Each knife design is tested for durability, ease of sharpening in the field and functionality for its intended uses. I take the motto "Knives Made To Work" very seriously. These designs may not be the most eye pleasing designs but I prefer function over eye appeal or aesthetics. Put very simply THEY WORK!!

Appreciate your visit and interest in WC Knives llc.


William Collins

Founder / Designer / and Craftsman

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Me enjoying a quite moment in my beloved east Texas woodlands.

Me enjoying a quite moment in my beloved east Texas woodlands.