Welcome to the WC Knives web site.
"uncommon knives for the common man"

I appreciate your interest in WC Knives. I am a one man custom knife shop located in east Texas. All knives are custom cut, ground, heat treated and handled by me, the owner and founder. Each knife is thoroughly tested before they are shipped or placed up for sale. All leather and custom kydex sheaths are also done by me to provide a true custom knife package. My knife philosophy is the knife should be comfortable to use, easy to control, have great edge retention, and the edge easily maintained. I only use high carbon steels such as 1095 and O1 steels for its duribility, ease of sharpening and edge retainability.

All available knives are listed on eBay. Use this link: My eBay Store

Please visit http://www.youtube.com/wildchallenge1 to learn more about WC Knives and me William Collins.
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